Master Prophet Machibya he is a prophet anda Apostle of God in these days, a presiding Bishop and Founder of WORLD CHANGERS PRPHOTIC MISSIONS (W.C.P. M) since 1998.

He is called by Jesus Christ anointed by Holy Ghost and Fire, ordained by God a gifted man with true prophetic calling on his life (Jer 1:5)

Bishop C.J. Machibwa is a man of God, who has been singularly  forget by Fire of destiny, which cause his eyes to burn with vision for world changing in the corporate Body of Christ, that shall impact lie, nations and the entire world.

Bishop C.J. Machibya recognized prophetic and Apostolic Ministries in the Church today, born in a native village of Kitango Ndagali in the region of Mwanza Tanzania, East Africa, received his ultimate calling at the age of 17, from local background to his present and current fame he is known as God’s Messenger, the Prophet, Council and direction through the word of the Lord.
W.C.P. M continued to develop the facets of missions under leadership of Bishop Machibya that marked its mission in pursuit of destiny called to fulfill the will of God.

Bishop Machibya has been building a ministries of restoration, revival, revelation resurrection and bring into life, that would accurately reflect the Biblical pattern wakening the sleeping church and gift is basing the living standard of God’s people, and breaking the curses of life tearing down the constrains of traditionalism and exposing the lies that have led the church is in captivity.

W.C.P. M touches thousands, both locally, nationally and internationally. Noted primary for prophetic ministry resurrection and life ministry and revelatory teaching. Bishop Machibya established the Prophets School of Ministry in 2005, the school is specifically geared towards those who are called a gifted to function in prophetic ministry and in the gift of prophecy, yet is in invaluable source of ministerial esthetics that are applicable to any office of Ministry, yet is invaluable source of ministerial esthetics that are applicable to any office of ministry

Bishop Machibya teaches Biblical principles and ethics essential to successful living His life-changing messengers on reformation and liberations have sparked acclaim as well as controversy, as he teaches the undulate rated Word of God. As liberator of His own right of Bishop Machibya charged with preparing the church of Christ for the new millennium and stands with the heart of a father.

His teaching and preaching have stabilized many who were floundering with a gift in manifestation without understanding the order of God.

He has traveled for mission in many countries and delivered the word of the Lord to the people for God.

He has prophesied  in areas of individuals bringing a state word of reconciliation to the leadership and royalty of individual and those nations and countries

Bishop Machibya countries to emerge as a leader among leaders bringing hundreds of Pastors and Evangelists into a new oversee of the destiny through motivational teaching of the Word of God.

Bishop Machibya differs from those who can operate with extra- seriously perception. For his calling as prophet endows him with decree ethane and sees it established, just like the prophets of scriptures, He is not one just to give information, but He is also known to create miracles and circumvent events merely by the power of his speech.

Like any prophet as indicated in scriptures Bishop Machibya also possesses a phenomenal insight into the universal truths of the Divine, and he has a unique ability to motivate people to move beyond mediocrity and embraced excellence in their lives.

Bishop Machibya lectures extensively, He is frequently called upon to declare his message that all may attain resurrection and people all over the world have been brought to the scared truth that they are not victims in the life, but “Destiny is not left up to chance, but it’s a matter of choice!”

Thousands of people attribute their success prosperity, health and happiness directly to the master teachings of Bishop CJ. Machibya. His dynamic preaching and teachings bring the inquiring mind principles of living a life that is resplendent with the attributes of wholeness and abundance bought by everyone.

Minister of the Gospel Zawadi Machibya, his beautiful and accomplished wife, stands with Bishop Machibya in Global vision for ministry and serves as a public relation officer of the  missions, nationally and internationally, they are proved parents of three children, Milton, Gift and Godson, their vision of resurrection and life and liberation shall literally shake the nations of the earth, and people of God they will see exceptional Glory in Action.

God has confirmed Bishop Machibya with a worldwide ministry through powerfully signs and wonders. The ministry and anointing that God has put upon Bishop Machibya is undeniable, many are testifying the miracle that the Lord Jesus is performing through his Humble Servant, from his crusades, conference, seminars, prophetic school of healing and deliverance to his teaching and books, many are finding freedom from every bondage.

The anointing on Bishop Machibya works and flow in unusual ways miracles and healing power happen live when he minister, and those who cannot reach through his teaching, many travel to receive their miracles, deliverance and healings.

His vision is to take God’s healing and world, to every soul settimg the captives free.

He is not a man made, but God made, he is not created in cnferences and prophetic seminars, but rather in the womb and ordained by God Himself before I were born… (Jerm 1:5)

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